The Citrus Garden video gallery

Zitronengarten - Faak am See

About the ecological cultivation

pesticides forbidden / ZDF report

   watch video (06:17 min)

Zitronengarten - Faak am See

Citrusgarden / 13.09.2011

Kult1Online report

   watch video (4:29 min)

Spezialist für Zitronen

Citrus Specialist / 19.06.2011

ORF report about the garden

   watch video (2:16 min)

Foodhunter China Buddhahand fingers

The Foodhunter in China

discovers the "Buddha´s hand"...

   watch video (10 min)

City-Arkaden Klagenfurt Citrus exhibition

Exhibition at City-Arkaden Klagenfurt
from Jan. 27th - Feb. 05th

ORF report on the exhibition...

   watch video (02:04 min)

The economical aspect

The Citrus Garden as an example of state business development grants in the Alp Adria Area presented at business conventions in Slovenia...

   watch video (02:40 min)

Limettenfest 2009

"Frühlingszeit - Spring Time" / 22.03.2010

ORF report on Austria´s first BIO citrus marketgarden...

   watch video (05:16 min)

Limettenfest 2009

Lime-Party / 29.08.2009

ORF report on the festival...

   watch video (01:22 min)

Zitrusgarten Opening

"Herbstzeit" / 12.09.2008

ORF report on the garden...

   watch video (08:00 min)

Zitrusgarten Opening

Zitrusgarten-Opening / 25.04.2008

ORF reports on the start of a new season...

   watch video (01:56 min)

OOE-Heute Kurzeinstieg

OOE Heute / 04.04. 2008

Short report from Austrian TV´s Landesstudio Oberösterreich...

   watch video (00:37 min)

Zitrusfreunde Faak am See

Friends of citrus / Faak am See

Austrian TV report on the Citrus Garden ...

   watch video (03:06 min)

Michael Ceron bei Willkommen Österreich

Citrus on "Willkommen Österreich"

Michael Ceron live in the "Willkommen Österreich" studio talking about citrus ...

   watch video (07:48 min)

Mediterrane Pflanzen in Faak am See

Southern plants in Carinthia

Austrian TV report on Mediterranean plants and how the withstand the winter ...

   watch video (02:51 min)

Der Zitrusgarten

Lemons in spring

Austrian TV report on the Citrus Garden and
citrus fruits ...

   watch video (04:01 min)

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